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Pipe Tracing & Utility Mapping

At Midlands Leak Detection, we undertake pipe tracing of all utility pipes such as water, ESB, Eircom, Fibre Optic, and any other services present. This process involves using electronic pipe and cable tracing equipment. Depending on the type of pipe you wish to trace we have equipment to cater for all needs.

Metallic pipes – We use Cable Avoidance Tool (C.A.T.) from C. Scope and the 1420 and 2250 locators from 3M. The C.A.T. is the most popular locator used in Ireland today and has proven itself to be invaluable tool in leak detection.

Non-metallic pipes - As plastic and fibre cement pipes are not electrically conductive they cannot be located with instruments such as the C.A.T. To locate and trace plastic and non metallic pipes we use a Sewerin developed the System Combiphon which utilises acoustics as the detection principle. The sytem uses a pulse in order to detect the pipe.

The importance of pipe-location is an essential step in leak detection. It is crucial to have a map of your water network in reducing the risk of water leaks and repairing any leaks that arise.

Once we conduct our pipe-location audit we will then provide the client with a detail digital map of these services.


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