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Midlands Leak Detection is a market leader in water management and surveying. Our mission is to provide a cost effective and efficient water auditing service with detailed Water audit reports given to each customer on your water network and we establish if there are any water leaks or abnormalities. 

We also provide a water consultancy service where we propose a strategy for each customer on how to rectify leaks and reduce water usage. As part of this service we also offer a water quality test and will establish if you need water to install a water softener or similar systems.

A water audit could save your business thousands of euro. We recently saved a community school 500 euro per week as the result of a successful and comprehensive water audit.

We also offer a "water action plan" plan for business with high water usage. We will conduct an internal audit of water usage and prepare an action plan to reduce usage. We have reduced water usage for some businesses by 40%.

Some of our clients include:

• Local Authorities
• Domestic Homes
• Public Sector
• Industrial & Commercial
• Farmers
• Group Water Schemes
• Universities

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