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Nearly half the Irish water supply lost through leaks
2nd March 2016
The amount of water lost through leaks is as bad as feared, with the most accurate survey to date showing on average 46.7% of the country’s supply vanishing before it reaches the tap.
Families facing repair bills for two out of three water leaks
5th May 2015
'If the leak is not on the external pipe, it could be under the house somewhere - so it’ll be up to you to find it'
Irish Water suspects enough water to fill 18 Olympic pools lost daily
31st March 2015
Irish Water has fixed just 500 leaks out of 30,000 it has identified in the first reading of meters. The utility said 46 million litres of water are being wasted every day – the equivalent of 18 Olympic size swimming pools. Jerry Grant, head of asset management at Irish Water, said it now...  
Irish Water says half of water lost through leaks
27th March 2015
Almost half the water supply around the State is lost through leaks in the water network, Irish Water has said.
Roscommon to remain top of leak-rate table
25th February 2015
While most local authorities are losing 40% of their water supply through leaks, the figure for Roscommon is 62%
One in 10 homes has a leak, meters tell us.
2nd February 2015
Irish Independent - HALF a million water meters have been installed across the country and Irish Water expects to have completed its installation programme by early...  
No delay as Irish Water fix leak at HQ in one day
2nd February 2015
IT'S been at the centre of controversy for the time it takes to fix water leaks, but one leak brought to the attention of Irish Water has been fixed promptly – outside its...  
Irish Water isn’t fixing more leaks – or spending more on infrastructure
1st February 2015
Irish water is set to spend less money on infrastructure than the Government’s average spend over the past 10 years. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/irish-water-set-spend-less-infrastructure-average-spend-084000668.html#ln3RKky  
Listening out for a water warning this winter
21st January 2015
The number of leaks increase in winter due to the lowering of the water temperature. A significant proportion of leaks are associated with joints in the pipe network. “We do get some failure of pipes that break but problems are usually associated with the...  
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